How to Share

How do I share my story?

You can share your story by emailing it to me at 

Or, you can use the form on the submissions page of this website.

What about my privacy?

You do not need to include your name and the submission form is anonymous. I cannot see information about where the submission came from.  You could also set up a separate email address using gmail or another option to further preserve your privacy.

I am experienced with and bound by strict ethical codes. I will not share any email addresses and I will not respond to your email address unless you clearly indicate that you are happy for me to do so.

Your story will be treated with the utmost respect. It will be used for the purposes of this project only and not shared beyond it. I reserve the right to edit stories for brevity or clarity.  Depending on response levels, I will not be able to use all stories in the exhibition.

What should my story include?

Please share whatever you feel is relevant. Articles about abortion often focus on the reasons for choosing abortion, as if to justify or validate the decision.  I would like to offer some deeper insight into the experience. I especially want to hear about your thoughts and feelings during and after the abortion experience and if applicable, any reflections you have had later in life. Please let me know how many years have passed since your abortion experience and how old you were at the time. Please also tell me your gender and culture.

Do I have to be living in New Zealand?

I welcome stories from anywhere. If you are submitting from overseas or your abortion experience took place in a different country, please let me know in your submission.

Medical and Health Professionals

If you are a health or medical professional working in this field, please feel free to share your personal perspectives.

Personal Interviews

I would like to complete a small number of personal face-to-face interviews with men and women who have experienced abortion. If you would be willing to be interviewed, please email me at

Submissions from Artists

I would like the exhibition to include a small number of responses from artists. These may be visual, recorded or written. Please send proposals to Selection will be at my discretion. The Sparrow Project is not funded and no payment will be made for work.



Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash.