About Me

Kia ora. I’m Justine Whitfield.

I’m 47 years old and the mother of two mostly grown children. I work as an accountant in aviation and I spent many years as a social researcher. As both a chartered accountant and a researcher, I am bound by strict professional codes of ethics. I also have a personal understanding of this topic. As a seventeen year old, I terminated a pregnancy. I did not regret this but I understand abortion is not always a simple decision.

Your story is in safe, kind and experienced hands. Please share it with me.


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The Silent Killing Ground – Pantograph Punch


An Acknowledgement

The late Celia Lashlie once wrote to me encouraging me with an idea I had for a project similar to this. I was too busy to pursue it. Thank you for that support, Celia — I am finally doing something about it.


My thanks also to Stephanie Robertson for listening to my story when I was finally ready to tell it.


Photo by Terry Bone.